About Us

Environmental Protection Associates has over 30 years of experience in the Environmental Remediation industry. With offices in Little Rock, Arkansas and Fayetteville, Arkansas, the success of the company can be attributed to the leadership, qualifications and ongoing training of all personnel.

Licenses & Certifications

Environmental Protection Associates is fully licensed for all of our services and all work is carried out according to state and federal regulations. We are committed to ensuring that all of our personnel receive industry standard training and ongoing re-training.

Insurance & Bonding

Environmental Protection Associates is fully insured, including liability specifically acknowledging pollution coverage, workers' compensation, and automobile insurance. We also offer Asbestos-Specific General Liability Insurance Coverage in a True Occurence Form through an A-rated carrier licensed in all 50 states. Limits of liability of $5,000,000 or higher are available. Through a treasury-listed surety licensed in all fifty states, we are able to provide bid bonds, performance bonds, and payment bonds for projects of any size.


Due to the challenging and potentially hazardous nature of environmental remediation projects, Environmental Protection Associates places great emphasis on the training and ongoing development of all workers and supervisory personnel. Each member of the supervisory staff has completed training courses approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. All workers are trained and certified according to state and federal regulations. Environmental Protection Associates meets all federal and state requirements for the remediation of contaminated materials.

  • EPA performed its first remediation project in 1981.
  • EPA performed the first "state of the art" asbestos abatement project in Arkansas.
  • EPA has performed thousands of projects, including asbestos abatement, lead abatement, mold remediation, and interior demolition.
  • All work is performed in compliance with state and federal regulations with documentation presented to the client upon project completion.
  • EPA is able to provide Bid Bonds and Performance and Payment Bonds for projects of any size through a Treasury-Listed Surety licensed in all 50 states.